Scarica Gratis – Free Download: Ten – Illuminati  [iTunes Plus AAC M4A]

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Scarica Gratis - Free Download: Ten - Illuminati  [iTunes Plus AAC M4A]

01 Be as You Are Forever
02 Shield Wall
03 The Esoteric Ocean
04 Jericho
05 Rosetta Stone
06 Illuminati
07 Heaven And The Holier-Than-Thou
08 Exile
09 Mephistopheles
10 Of Battles Lost and Won

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Scarica Gratis – Free Download the iTunes Plus AAC M4A album titled Ten – Illuminati

The British melodic hard rock band Ten formed in 1994 after vocalist and songwriter Gary Hughes had a particularly fruitful period of writing. During preparations for what would be his third solo album, Hughes found himself with 28 songs. He later decided to split the songs across two albums. Mike Stone was brought on board to mix the album, and Vinny Burns from the rock band Dare was added on guitar. Soon another ex-Dare member, Greg Morgan, was brought into the fold, and Hughes’ project evolved into a band. Ten released their first record X in 1996, and it was warmly received. They took to the road to tour in support of the record, and added yet another Dare member to their numbers, bassist Martin “Shelley” Shelton, as well as keyboard player Ged Rylands and guitarist John Halliwell — both formerly of Kage. Wasting little time, the ever-growing group returned to the studio and put out their sophomore effort, The Name of the Rose, in the same year. They hit the road again, but Shelley left the band and was replaced by Andrew “Drew” Webb. For their next record they took a slightly different tack. Although they retained producer Mike Stone and their signature melodic/hard rock sound they also began to include a wider range of influences.

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