Scarica Gratis – Free Download: Muse -Simulation Theory (Deluxe)  [iTunes Plus AAC M4A]

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Scarica Gratis - Free Download: Muse -Simulation Theory (Deluxe)  [iTunes Plus AAC M4A]

01 Algorithm
02 The Dark Side
03 Pressure
04 Propaganda
05 Break it to Me
06 Something Human
07 Thought Contagion
08 Get Up and Fight
09 Blockades
10 Dig Down
11 The Void
12 Algorithm (Alternate Reality Version)
13 The Dark Side (Alternate Reality Version)
14 Propaganda (Acoustic Version)
15 Something Human (Acoustic Version)
16 Dig Down (Acoustic Gospel Version)

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Scarica Gratis – Free Download the iTunes Plus AAC M4A album titled Muse -Simulation Theory (Deluxe)

From the retro-futuristic cover art by Stranger Things poster designer Kyle Lambert to lyrical themes of oppression, the English band’s eighth album, Simulation Theory, plays like an ’80s sci-fi flick. The opening set of songs lays out a bleak setting: “Algorithim” and “The Dark Side” are cries for help set against caterwauling synth-rock. Yet rather than wallow in despair, the band uses stirring oratory and a spectacular wall-of-sound to rise against systematic, technological, and mental anguish. They rally the troops on “Thought Contagion,” “Dig Down,” and “Get Up and Fight,” while “Something Human” shows that even a platinum-selling megaband needs a reassuring hug sometimes. The one Simulation Theory song that will surely inspire debate is “Propaganda,” the trio’s collaboration with producer Timbaland. On it, lead singer Matt Bellamy locks into a sexy falsetto while Timbaland puts his foot (and a slide guitar) into the track. Will longtime Muse fans accept a Timberlake-like pure-pop turn from Bellamy? It’s a tipping point but one that was inevitable; after exploring darkness on Drones, The 2nd Law, and The Resistance, Simulation Theory shows the band embracing fresh styles. The Deluxe Version also includes acoustic, gospel, and “alternative reality” versions of five tracks.

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