Free Download: Ghost – Opus Eponymous  [iTunes Plus AAC M4A]

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Free Download: Ghost - Opus Eponymous  [iTunes Plus AAC M4A]

01 Deus Culpa
02 Con Clavi Con Dio
03 Ritual
04 Elizabeth
05 Stand By Him
06 Satan Prayer
07 Death Knell
08 Prime Mover
09 Genesis

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Free Download the iTunes Plus AAC M4A album titled Ghost – Opus Eponymous

On their debut, Ghost put some hum into heavy metal. Inspired by the genre’s more melodic sounds from the ’70s and ’80s, the satanic Swedes build darkly alluring songs from glassy harmonies, headbanger heft, and occult atmospheres. On “Elizabeth,” Beatles-esque hooks and funereal organ coil themselves around doom riffs; equally catchy is “Stand by Him,” an ode to Lucifer laced with tuneful twin leads. The chugging “Con Clavi Con Dio” is way heavier, and the Black Mass-like voices woven throughout make for one potent earworm.

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